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In 2004 Dirk Aleven, at the time an International Business major at the University of Groningen, organized a study trip to Mexico for a group of fellow students. The goal was to map out the opportunities and challenges for Dutch companies, which turned out to be hugely interesting and informative. Shortly after returning, it became clear that there was an enormous demand for well-organized study trips to quickly growing economies.

In cooperation with a local Rabobank, a group of entrepreneurs was invited to participate in a similar trip, which consequently marked the birth of MeetIn. During this first trip to China, the participating entrepreneurs expanded not only their knowledge of the local economy, but also their network among the other participants. This proved to be so valuable for Rabobank and the participants, that in the following years more and more trips were organized to destinations such as Vietnam, India, Nepal and Brazil. Later on, Iran, Ukraine and Georgia were also added as destinations. These last two turned out to be so promising, that Dirk himself started the company FoodVentures, which opened greenhouses in both countries. Due to Dirk’s activities abroad, his colleague Jasper Brommet replaced him as the CEO for MeetIn.


Meanwhile, the concept and the methods were being further perfected with every new trip. In addition to quickly growing economies, it turned out that leading economies also had a lot to offer Dutch entrepreneurs. For this reason, trips to innovative locations such as Silicon Valley were becoming more and more frequent. These trips inspired Jasper to take an additional position as the commercial director for StoneCycling, a circular and sustainable building materials startup from Amsterdam. With his focus shifting, his colleague Jolke Balt took over as CEO. After several trips to the United States, more innovative locations including Japan, Israel, Estonia, Germany and last but not least, the Netherlands, were added. Inspired by these trips and its participants Jolke became an entrepreneur himself at Photo-Motion and left MeetIn.

Like during its first few trips, MeetIn can still count on a young, inquisitive and motivated team with extended experience in international business, now under the direction of Wout Dingenouts. All project managers have lived and worked abroad, which makes them uniquely qualified to organize and lead groups during trips to a host of different countries. As a result of their Dutch background, they can translate international circumstances into the Dutch situation like no other. Our broad experience makes that we are able to service different industries. In the past few years, we have organized trips for groups from the agricultural, food, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, educational and governmental sectors. Large clients such as Rabobank, FME, BOVAG, Bouwend Nederland and the Ministries of OCW and Economic Affairs regularly challenge us with new, surprising ideas and perspectives. We also work with a lot of smaller parties that want to broad their horizons with us. Are you interested to find out what we can do for you? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to be inspired by your situation, questions and wishes and are always ready to add new destinations to our portfolio!

Wout Dingenouts
Wout DingenoutsCEO
“Fear is only temporary, regret is forever.” This slogan characterizes me and inspired me to push boundaries and explore the new. While studying History at the University of Groningen Because of my study I learned to understand the world surrounding me in a new and different way. It was here that I got the opportunity to travel and live in Serbia and Bosnia-Hercegovina for a longer period of time. A period that shaped me personally and enriched me professionally.

I started working at MeetIn in 2016, and have been travelling with the most diverse groups of participants. I strongly believe in learning from and with each other. During our trips I try to facilitate this by discovering new places together and embracing the unknown. Because, after all: fear is only temporary, regret is forever.

Emile Hajema
Emile HajemaProject Manager
Understanding today’s world. That was my aim when I started studying history. It’s telling: I’m a news junkie, ambitious and always eager to learn. A complete understanding of today’s world is not quite there yet, but I haven’t been sitting still. I studied in the US, did an internship at the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in New Zealand and worked as an account manager and coordinator at a Dutch training agency for almost ten years. Working for MeetIn as a Project Manager I combine both my international experience and my fascination for the latest developments in a wide range of areas.
Maaike Slotema
Maaike SlotemaProject Manager